Nearly Perfect Software is a group of friends who work together consulting to local small and medium size companies to produce web sites, custom software, and provide general IT services. We have been writing software since the early 80's, developing web sites and web applications since the mid-90's, and are full time software and IT professionals. We perform these services at a fair and low price, with honesty and integrity. We talk to our customers, get to know them and their needs, and we work together with them to provide them what they need, at a price that can't be beat. We don't pad our estimates, we don't sell you things you don't need just to make a buck, and we won't ever take advantage of you.


What we can provide:

  • Web site design and construction.
  • Rich Web 2.0 Application design and construction.
  • Hosting, Domain name, Email, and related services.
  • Custom software for Unix or Windows in a variety of languages.
  • PC setup, configuration, and repair.
  • Small Office / Home Office Networking setup and repair.
  • Other IT related consulting.



Secure Ajax Layer Version 1.0

In an effort to provide a safe and secure environment for Rich Internet Application development, with minimal fuss, we have developed the Secure Ajax Layer library. This library uses the latest encryption methods such as AES and RSA to keep your communications private, and keep your Ajax application servers secure from hacking attempts. The library implements our new protocol that ensures the secure negotiation of security keys, and delivery of AJAX code, preventing man-in-the-middle or Prototype Hijacking attacks that are becoming more and more common with todays Ajax applications.

It does this WITHOUT the need for SSL or HTTPS, which have been under increasing attack in recent months, and are notoriously expensive and difficult to set up.


  • Uses AES-256 for communications, with 128 bit RSA signatures.
  • Encryption keys are randomly generated at runtime, per session.
  • Distribution of client-side code and keys are performed with a secure process that is immune to man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Shared secrets DO NOT pass through the communications channel.
  • Does NOT use SSL or third party certificates.
  • Written entirely in PHP on the server and JavaScript on the client.
  • Javascript is delivered to client in a secure method, and immune to man-in-the-middle attack, injection, or replacement attacks.
  • Secures your web applications, both server side and client side.
  • Cheap, effective, and simple to use!


The prototype PHP version of SecureAjax is now open source! You can download and set up your own SecureAjax webservices for free. We are currently working on a high-end PHP extension version of SecureAjax as well as a Java version, each of which will be available for purchase from Nearly Perfect Software. Your purchase will include assistance in setup and configuration, as well as lifetime production support.

The Free version of PHP SecureAjax is located Here.

If you are interested in one of the commercial versions of SecureAjax, please send us an email from our 'Contact Us' page.